It has taken me much longer than I initially intended to complete this series, but I am finally back! I am committing myself to consistency this year as a writer so you can anticipate the next post will be up within a shorter span of time! 😁

Let's jump back into our topics by reiterating the questions.
  1. How do you address topics regarding sexuality with youth in a biblical way?
  2. How do you approach others who are living a homosexual lifestyle or have feelings for the same sex? 
Today we'll tackle the second question but be sure to check out part 2, if you missed my response to question 1. One key point from that post was addressing how to present the word of God to anyone (believer or unbeliever). If this were a recipe I'd say you need a combination of prayer, love, truth, and a willingness to be stretched with conversations that may be uncomfortable. Remember those 4 ingredients...

1. Pray
2. Love
3. Share Truth
4. Stretch

Honestly, I could probably end this post right there! However, I will instead continue by sharing how I have personally approached these tough conversations. I will also share scriptures and close with some resources to help as you engage with others. 

A Talk with Lena

What I know is someone may read this post out of curiosity. What I know is someone may read this who lives a homosexual lifestyle or has same sex attractions. What I know is someone may read this who supports or advocates for the gay community. What I know is someone will not like this post. What I know is someone has been unsure, perhaps silent, as a believer on the tough topics facing our world.

What I know is this is one of those tough topics so today, I'm writing to the believer. I’m writing to the one who says, "I don't want to shy away from conversations that push me outside my comfort zone. I want to be an ambassador for the God who is Love and Truth." This is for you!

As you think about conversations surrounding love and relationships what has that looked like in your life? What comes to mind?

For me, the greatest love I've ever experienced is the love that flows from God. As often as you've perhaps heard it, the beauty of John 3:16 whispered truth into my heart as a little girl.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (KJV)

I never let that go. It was my desire to see others come into the same knowledge of this truth. I wanted my friends and peers to know that God was real and He loved them. The words of Jesus in Mark 16:15 grew deeper in my heart. I took on my responsibility as a Christian to share Him.

Then he said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (CSB)

As I grew older, I also grew in my understanding of what it meant to not just be a believer in Jesus but truly what it meant to follow Him. Every single day, He still offers me... you... us... an invitation to follow. We, just as the crowd He spoke to in Luke 9:23, are left to choose how we will respond to His call.

Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me. (NLT)

Surrender? What does it mean for you to live a life surrendered? What are you willing to sacrifice?

These questions represent the core of my conversations. While the initial word that may come to many people's minds for this topic might be deliverance, the word, surrender, sticks out so strongly for me. 

For those who believe in Jesus as Lord, how can we find ourselves unsubmitted to Him? How does one discover life without first dying to self. Do we know how much and how deeply He loves us? How do we respond to His love? Do we love Him beyond our words...beyond our desires?


I've learned that I must take moments to really meditate on what that means. Likewise, I allow room for the person I'm speaking with to also process that word and its correlations to his/her life.

Be quick to listen and be slow to speak, think through your thoughts, let love flow out of your mouth, and allow Holy Spirit to lead you!

Other questions you should ask yourself are, what are my intentions in having this conversation? Is this the right time or the appropriate environment?  In all things, your motives should come from a pure heart and because you believe in the necessity of sharing the gospel.

I have openly gay friends as well as those who have struggled or accepted their same sex attractions. I am really grateful that somehow they trusted me enough to share their stories and their lives with me. I recognize that's not always easy.

So I ask you, can you be trusted?

A part of what I like to call "responsible Christianity" is simply ensuring that the fruits of the Spirit live inside of me. That fruit will naturally flow out and people will respond to it.

Maybe there are some friends you've been careful not to ask about their sexuality. I get it! I've been that person who didn't want to "risk" bringing it up out of concerns that they'd disconnect from me or get upset. But let me tell you, those conversations can also be directly connected to someone's freedom.

Even if you feel like you hit a brick wall somewhere, keep praying and loving people well!

As I close out part 3 of our FIRST highlight conversation, I hope you feel more equipped to have talks with those who are dear to the heart of God! At the bottom of this post, I’ve included scriptures and resources that I recommend for additional study!

And just as we challenge others to live a life surrendered, may we also die to our flesh because I see you... us... alive!

Lena 💛