What's ICU?

God has breathed life into every human being, yet it's life that He invites us to discover.

He compels us to pursue it. And if we allow Him to, He leads us through it.

Just as love and light are not separate from God, neither is life.

With the knowledge of these truths, it's my desire to see others embracing the lives they've been given.

The simple truth is, I see you alive!

I see you (me too) walking in purpose.

Thus this vision of ICU...


I heard a missionary speak one day about the urgency of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.  People are dying without Him every day.  The missionary's words stuck with me because they reminded me of my purpose as a believer.  And they reminded me of the importance of stewarding my days.

Our world is in critical condition.  And I don't believe that what we do as individuals has any less value than the work of those who diligently care for patients in hospitals.

In fact, as a believer, what I do on this Earth can impact lives for generations and ultimately, for eternity.

So... I created ICU.

Through this online space, it represents a place for inspiration and a place to remind you to pursue purpose and LIVE.

Through in person "Lighthouse Gatherings", ICU represents a unit of women gathering in fellowship in homes and other venues across the metro-Atlanta area. Homes to me represent some of the most intimate places where we unveil our truest selves, expose what we may deem as flaws, and also where we find rest for our souls. While doctors operate in hospitals, I've seen God use our "lighthouses" for operations too!


ICU is a community of patients. We all need life poured into us. We all need revival.

But ICU is also a community of doctors and nurses.  Every single one of us has the opportunity to serve others through our gifts, talents and abilities.

We recognize God as our Great Physician and as the Potter who restores and makes masterpieces from the broken pieces of our lives.

Through Jesus, we are made ALIVE. And Holy Spirit has made a home in us; never departing from our journey.

So... if you're still reading this, I hope that as you explore this site you are encouraged. I hope your relationship with Jesus intensifies. If you don't know Him, I hope you'll find Him here.  I hope you are reminded to take care of yourself and others. I hope that you are driven to walk in your calling because...

I see you alive!

Lena 😘

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