Wednesday, August 7, 2019

About a month ago I picked up the phone and called my friend Stephanie. She'd recently returned from a missions trip with her church in Peru. I was excited to hear about her experiences, the miracles she saw live and in color and the people she prayed with.

Well, before we even got to that conversation another conversation sparked...



Okay...I'm sure that's where you thought the homosexuality conversation would come in. No worries, I'll get there! 😏

So after at least a 1 hour long conversation about modesty we began talking about the idea of us sharing our conversations with others live via our social media accounts--primarily Facebook and Instagram.

We both shared messages across our social media accounts to see what conversations people would like to hear us speak on.  And on July 28th we hosted that conversation via Instagram Live. This is where today's highlight conversation comes into play.

The topic: Homosexuality

The questions:

  • How do you address topics regarding sexuality with youth in a biblical way?
  • How do you approach others who are living a homosexual lifestyle or have feelings for the same sex? 
Since this is my first "Highlight Conversation" and because I don't want these blog posts to be super long, I'll let you think on those questions.
In the in between time, feel free to check out Stephanie's blog here. And find her on YouTube here.

Also, the next ICU Lighthouse Gathering will be this month!!! Woot woot!

August 24th at 3pm in Suwanee, GA

Email if you'd like to attend! Okay that's it for now. Until part 2...

Love forever! 💛


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