Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Happy July friends! I’m excited for what is to come in these final six months of 2022!

This will be my second installment of highlight conversations. Interestingly, I planned to share this in the spring of 2021. Yes, more than a year ago. BUT, I held off to readjust my focus on writing social media content. Now I believe this series is meeting its appointed time.

Picture it! You're a new believer in Jesus, but your understanding of scripture only hits the surface. Or picture another scenario! Let’s say your understanding is actually deeper than John 3:16 and maybe as the old folks say, you’ve been running with Jesus for a long time, but one of four things happens.

  1. You either don’t open or rarely open the Bible outside of Sunday
  2. You feel lost when you flip through the pages
  3. You don’t understand what you’re reading and how it applies to your life
  4. You’re just bored and/or it reads more like a lullaby for nap time

Regardless of the scenario, let’s say you are a person who genuinely desires to grow in your Christian walk.

How do you navigate through the Bible? How do you go from Bible struggles to Bible studies that are transformational and enjoyable?

Over the past year, God has taken me on a personal journey of JOY through scripture. I mean y’all it has been WILD, but I have this inward urgency that God needs so many more believers to jump into His Word and see Him (Truth) for who He really is!

As a teenager, I absolutely loved God. I just wasn’t amped up or jumping up and down about reading His Word. Honestly, reading scripture sometimes was reminiscent of my mama telling me to eat my vegetables as a kid.  It was the responsible thing to do, but it wasn’t always what I wanted to choose. But there’s one highlighted moment I never forgot from that season of my life.

One day I was sitting in a discipleship class. There was a minister who shared how he loved the word of God. He expressed it with such great enthusiasm and conviction. It was as if he had a craving for it. I’d compare his expressiveness for the  Bible to my love for cheesecake. And y’all, I love cheesecake!

In other words, it was deep and it was sweet.

O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good; How blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Psalm 34:8 AMP

I wanted to have a love for God’s Word like what I saw through him that day. Yet uniquely my own!

I share this with you today because I want you, and whoever you choose to share this series with, to experience the sweetest love story known to humanity. God offers this love to us as we journey through the Holy pages of scripture!  

May our love for God’s word grow deeper,  may we publicly testify of how ALIVE His truths are today, and may we boldly confess our faith for what He PROMISES to do tomorrow.


Lena 💛

I’ll be back with part 2 later this month. You can expect some concise ways of navigating through Bible study and a video teaching is also on the way! If you’re not subscribed to posts, be sure to enter your email through the site! Love ya loads!

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